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College strengthens PIP support after pressure from Federation

Legal protections for officers involved in cases of death or serious injury that are not firearms related have been strengthened by the College of Policing. Policy guidance improves welfare support during Post Incident Procedures (PIP).

The Police Federation has backed the new Death or Serious Injury Authorised Professional Practice (DSI APP) policy launched by the College of Policing.

It means officers involved in deaths or serious injuries will be given protection in College of Policing policy at the same level as firearms officers.

It will end the practice of the rules for armed incidents reviews being used by forces in other serious cases.

The new policy sets out clearly the steps that should be taken by the force during such incidents concerning members of the public and investigating teams to protect officers legally, ensure their welfare is looked after as well as assist with the investigation that follows.

It will apply to any Post Incident Procedures (PIP) that take place outside of a firearms PIP – which is covered by its own Armed Policing APP.

The change follows pressure from the Police Federation and is just the latest in a series of moves to improve the wellbeing support for frontline officers. Last month the College launched a survey into officer welfare with Oscar Kilo and the Home Office has also confirmed that legislation in the autumn will establish a full Police Covenant for the first time.

The overhaul of PIP follow a lengthy campaign by the Federation and a consultation by the College which began two years ago.

The Police Firearms Officers Association said at the time: “Unfortunately, what tends to happen at the moment is that the firearms guidance is adapted for other incidents. It is not designed for this purpose and the failure to provide appropriate guidance for non-firearms-related DSI’s puts our members at risk.”

The Federation is sharing updated guidance to its local reps so they can advise officers who become involved in major incidents.

The Fed’s Post Incident Procedure Lead, Steve Hartshorn, said: “There has been a deaths or serious injury policy in place for firearms for many years which has been tested through the courts and has set a standard that protects officers and assist with the provision of best evidence.

“I am pleased to say this new policy from the College of Policing will afford those same protections to all our officers and staff. We encourage anyone who finds themselves in this situation to contact their local Federation rep as soon as possible so we can get them the assistance they need.”

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