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Inspector exam results and re-sit dates confirmed by College

Results from the halted Inspectors’ exams are being issued along with reassurances from the College of Policing to Sergeants’ candidates.

The College of Policing has confirmed results from the exam halted by an IT problem are going out today along with dates for those who want to re-sit.

The official statement announced four dates for people who were unable to complete the exam because of a buffering issue – and a further date for those who are unsuccessful.

The first round of the rescheduled exam dates are

Friday 30 October (support available between 8am and 8pm)

Saturday 31 October (support available between 10am and 4pm)

Sunday 1 November (support available between 10am and 4pm)

Monday 2 November (support available between 8am and 8pm)

For those unsuccessful on these dates, a final round will take place on Thursday 19 November between 8am and 8pm.

For those hoping to pick up where they left off, the College can advise how much time you have remaining if you email your candidate number to NPPF.Enquiries@college.pnn.police.uk

In its statement, which included FAQs, there was also advice that those taking part should ideally do it when College staff were available to help.

“We would encourage all candidates to access the exam during the hours of support on the dates specified, although candidates will be able to access the exam outside of these times,” it said.

The exams were switched to an online assessment due to the COVID-19 outbreak which halted written tests in March. The digital system had held up for one round exams but collapsed as the Inspectors assessments got under way.

The results are being emailed out today. There is no provision for candidates to contest their result, or to request to have their exam paper remarked

For those who did manage to compete the test or get through enough questions to be assessed, the College gave an insight into the decision-making process.

“All exams have been marked by an occupational psychologist. We have reviewed any questions with unusual response statistics, along with any questions queried by candidates, before the marking process continued. A second marker checked the exam marking to ensure accuracy,” it said.

“A report was then produced for the debrief panel detailing the marking procedure, the delivery of the exam and any action taken. The debrief panel ratified the results in an extraordinary meeting and confirmed they were content for them to be prepared for release.”

The debrief panel consists of members drawn from the NPPF Governance Board, the NPCC and Police Federation, alongside representatives from the College.

The Police Federation’s Chair, John Apter has said the solution offered by the College had been “fair” but had raised concerns about the Sergeants’ exams which are due imminently.

The College sought to reassure those candidates and those due to take part in the four re-sit sessions: “We have been conducting a full review with our exam platform supplier, PSI, to ensure we understand the exact problems they have experienced and fully assure ourselves that candidates will not experience these issues again in future online exams.

“PSI have taken action to further increase the platform server capacity and are undertaking a schedule of additional testing on the platform to ensure the you will not experience these issues again when you access it.”

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