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Fed urges Biden to settle the scone battle

Hungry at G7? Devon and Cornwall’s finest have rated Cornwall’s perfect pasties and other delicacies. The Fed has also issued a challenge to President Biden.

World leaders at the G7 summit in Cornwall are set for a feast of culinary excellence.

Their menu includes velvet crab starter and dover sole.

But what about the 5,000 mutual aid officers pounding the tiny Cornish pavements?

A gigantic logistics exercise is under way catering more than 100,000 meals across 200 accommodation venues from large hotels to B&Bs and a ferry.

There’s an additional challenge for catering because of the shift system that demands 24-7 feeding.

A key theme of the summit is sustainability and Cornwall’s tourism and business leaders want to promote businesses on a global stage.

So Devon and Cornwall’s procurement team have ensured all fresh meats and produce are sourced locally. There are refillable water bottles and recycled cups for tea and coffee.

Police Federation welfare vans from across the country are also ensuring there’s access to water supplies and other support.

Chief Inspector Vicky Howell, logistics lead for the summit, said: “The complexity and the scale shouldn’t be underestimated. We’re working with the military, they’re well-versed in logistical support and their expertise is really helping us.”

The hard work garnered praise from an Inspector with Police Scotland, who shared on social media: “Gotta say, fantastic welcome by Devon and Cornwall Police. Top folk, top food.”

Local intelligence is always critical to a successful operation and Devon and Cornwall officers have been happy to share their knowledge.

Devon and Cornwall’s Federation Chair Andy Berry, told Police Oracle that visiting officers would have a moment close to a religious experience by sampling a Cornish pasty.

He said: “They should all partake in pasties from the independent Cornish shops – especially our uncultured colleagues from the Met Police. They are the food of the gods. The Met can keep their jellied eels – and they won’t want them any more once they’ve had our pasties.”

His advice was backed by a frontline officer.

Regie Butler-Card, Inspector for Bodmin & Wadebridge, warned there’s a world of difference between a factory-made pasty and one from an independent bakery.  

“One of these is a Cornish pasty. The other, well once you have tasted the real thing the other will be in the bin! Ask locals for best pasty shop, they all know, then treat yourselves!”

Locations shared include Lostwithiel butchers, Pips Pasties in Penryn and The Cornish Bakery in Callington – the last having some of the best reviews in the county.

Tourist lore is that the seafronts are infamous for dive bombing by hungry sea gulls.

So advise for the security detail protecting US President Joe Biden should be not to eat chips by the sea?

Firearms officer Acting Sgt Chris Linzey told Police Oracle: “Absolutely not. I recommend fish and chips by the sea.”

The official provisions also include the famous option of a cream tea scone, jam and cream

And that’s where the trouble begins.

There’s a rivalry between Devon and Cornwall over the correct way to eat a scone: cream or jam first.

Chief Inspector Vicky Howell said: “I think there’s some conversations about whether you have the jam first or the cream first, whether it’s Devon or Cornwall with our mutual aid colleagues already.”

Others were more partisan – and in the interest of balanced reporting Police Oracle shares both views from the Thin Blue Line.

Insp Butler-Card - on the Cornwalls side - shared on social media: “Just a warning for those #police colleagues on mutual aid coming to or in  Cornwall. HMS Tamar is close for a specific reason. Jam first.”

Andy Berry, who is from Devon, made clear where his loyalties lie but challenged Joe Biden to settle the centuries-old dispute.

He told Police Oracle: “There is evidence that pasties were invented in Devon right back in the 17th Century and they were pinched by our Cornish neighbours.”

Mr Berry set out the challenge: “What should be done is at some point is to put all the world leaders in a room with the scones and cream and jam and let them work it out for themselves – and see what happens.

“Maybe it’s down to the leader of the Free World, President Joe Biden. If he goes cream then jam first – the correct, Devon way – then it settles it. Let’s see what he does. He might push it away because of the high cholesterol content.”

His force, which covers both sides of the battle, doesn’t have a protocol and refused to be drawn into the argument.

A senior officer – on condition of anonymity - told Police Oracle: “That’s controversial, that is.”

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