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Central Motorway Police Group stop drunk e-scooter rider on A38M

Fresh concerns have been raised about e-scooters after a drunk rider was arrested on a motorway in Birmingham. Officers are amazed he wasn’t killed.

West Midlands traffic officers have used social media to raise concern about e-scooters after a rider took one onto a multi-lane motorway.

A drunken man was stopped by police while using the A38M motorway to get home after a night out in Birmingham.

The Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) shared a video of the incident and issued a stark warning to the public to think twice.

“This intoxicated male on the A38M on Sunday morning was stopped and reported after he found a novel but very dangerous way to get home after a night in Brum.”

At one stage in the video, the man appears to start walking the scooter along the middle of the seven-lane carriageway as cars zoom past at up to 50mph.

At another point, the rider can be seen heading along the middle lane of the busy Aston Expressway A38M as a double-decker bus passes just a few feet away in the opposite direction.

Officers had earlier been alerted after the male was spotted on the busy Aston Expressway A38M heading northbound, away from the city centre.

The incident happened last weekend.

It’s just the latest offence involving the powered bikes which outside of pilot areas remain illegal on public roads.

Dorset Police seized 25 of them this week as part of an on-going operation to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Craig Tatton of Dorset’s roads policing unit said: “E-scooters have become a real issue for some local residents and complaints about improper use have increased among our communities.”

A man was banned from driving for three years at Plymouth Magistrates Court yesterday after being caught using an e-scooter on the A38 while drunk.

In June, West Yorkshire Police released video footage of a male on a private e-scooter attempting to join the M606 motorway in Bradford at 15mph.

Private e-scooters can only legally be used in the UK on private land but are a common sight on roads and pavements.

Campaigners have called for a halt to the national pilot.

The National Federation of the Blind has warned blind or partially-sighted people are unable to see hire bikes that have been abandoned on pavements.

The charity warned there have now been 10 deaths involving e-scooters. It also raised safety concerns over the roadworthiness of hire bikes after conducting inspections which found defective brakes.

In its statement on Twitter, the CMPG said: “We are huge advocates of #modalshift (away from cars) and #ActiveTravel here at CMPG. But scooters and the like should never be on the network.”

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