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Forces pay tribute to frontline officers working on Christmas Day

The thousands of officers and staff working shifts on Christmas Day have been thanked by their forces.

Officers working on Christmas Day have been thanked by leaders who highlighted that policing doesn’t stop.

Police Scotland, in its seasonal message to the public said: “While Christmas is, for many, a time to spend with family and friends, policing is a 365 day commitment.”

The force revealed it will have 3,100 officers on-shift throughout 25 December and they will be supported by almost 700 police staff colleagues.

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone said: “Officers and staff will discharge duties throughout Christmas and New Year to ensure our fellow citizens are kept safe - helping people lies at the heart of policing’s mission and purpose.

“I am deeply grateful to our officers and staff for their public service and professionalism, during the festive period and at all times.”

The festive period has been curtailed by fresh restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19. It might have reduced the pressure of incidents linked to the night time economy but it has increased the risk to officers who come into close contact with the public.

Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber paid tribute to the officers who will be dealing with the public – and taking risks because of the pandemic.

“With the impacts of COVID-19 once again at the forefront of our minds, I know it will be an incredibly busy time for officers and staff over the Christmas period. They make huge sacrifices, including precious time with their families, to serve out communities and I thank them for their dedication,” he said.

The PSNI also used its Christmas message to highlight that many people have lost loved ones due to COVID-19 this year.

"Spare a thought for our PSNI colleagues working over the holiday period and for those who have an empty seat at the Christmas table."

Two of Police Scotland’s officers and staff who will be working said they were simply doing their duty.

Chief Inspector Taylor, who is the Local Area Commander for North West Edinburgh, said: “One of the things I love most about being a police officer is that every day is varied and different. It is not a typical nine to five job and because of that, we must also accept that, on occasions, we will work over Christmas.

“I am very proud to be overseeing my team and supporting Edinburgh’s policing duties on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day.”

David Purdie, Operations Manager within C3 Division, said: “Regardless of the time of year, people always need to contact police and it’s important that we are here to provide assistance for whatever they require.

“My department’s main tasks are ensuring that all 999 and 101 calls are answered as efficiently as possible, that our staff are ready to deal with anything that they may be presented with on the other end of the phone and to ensure the best possible service to the public.”

Traditional team banter will help teams get through the quiet moments on shifts and one force showed even the top staff aren’t immune.

Colleen Rattigan, the Chief of Staff at Northamptonshire, shared on social media that CC Nick Adderley might be on Santa's naughty list:   “Just letting you all know that @NorthantsChief is that person who puts the empty wrappers back in the Quality Street.”

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