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'Incredible' Met officer praised after tackling armed man single-handed

Man pointed firearm at pursuing officer who detained him with a Taser

Fellow officers and social media have praised an officer for tackling a man who drew a weapon at him in the middle of a London street.

The motorcycle officer was widely praised after footage of the incident, which happened at around 7:40am on Friday in Camden, was shared on social media.

A solo motorcycle officer was in pursuit of a Volkswagen Golf at around after it failed to stop.

The vehicle collided with a street sign next to one of the area’s biggest office developments.

A man got out of the car and was challenged by the pursuing officer, who drew his Taser.

The man reached for his waistband and retrieved what appears to be a black firearm. He dropped it before quickly picking it back up and aiming it directly at the officer.

The Taser was discharged and the man was arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm. He has been taken to hospital prior to going into police custody.

The Met has confirmed an item has been seized for examination - at this early stage it is thought to be a replica.

The officer was uninjured. There were no reports of any injuries to any other members of the public.

Firearms officers responded to follow up and the officer is being supported.

Chief Superintendent Roy Smith said: "His actions in the circumstances are nothing short of incredible. He had no idea if the item being pointed at him was a replica or a lethal weapon and yet he maintained his composure and detained the suspect.

"Each day police officers put on the uniform and put themselves in danger to protect Londoners. This is a perfect example of the bravery and selflessness that they exhibit so often."

Fellow officers on social media shared the footage to highlight the officer’s cool response and praise his actions

“This here is police work,” said one.

Met Public Order trainer, Insp Jim Cole shared: “After a few days of pretty awful news for the Metropolitan Police. A reminder that the vast majority of officers out there protecting the public are honest, decent and brave.”

Camden’s Conservative councillor Oliver Cooper immediately backed the officer: “It seems to have been a replica handgun, but the officer wasn’t to know that - the bravery to stare the man down, tackle him, and arrest him is extraordinary.”

Astonished members of the public joined in.

Resident Michael Volpe said: “You can't leave it there! Is that a pistol? A real pistol? The copper deserves a YUUUUGE medal.”

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