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PSNI and Suffolk recruiting for HR and finance management teams

Two forces are looking to fill crucial support roles at the top.

 The Police Service for Northern Ireland is looking to recruit an Assistant Chief Officer, a director-level role covering people and organisational development.

The £113,618 a year job is a newly-created role that will has oversight of all people management and organisational decisions made within the force.

It comes just days after Chief Constable Simon Byrne announced a raft of senior appointments and the roll-out of new IT kit as part of the force’s modernisation programme.

But he has also warned the force is facing major financial problems if funding isn’t confirmed and officers have yet to have pay rises included in wage packets.

Northern Ireland Policing Board, which is leading the appointment process said: “This position will play a pivotal role in shaping and leading organisational-wide people related initiatives to underpin service delivery.”

The panel are looking for an experienced senior director and is offering a “generous” relocation package in a bid to tempt applicants from forces in England and Wales.

The board added: “You will be able to deal with diverse and sensitive issues whilst working under a high level of scrutiny and pressure.”

Suffolk is also looking for a senior staff member for a non-uniform role.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore, is looking for a Chief Finance officer.

The part-time role is offering a salary of £48,711 for 22.5 hours per week based at the force’s headquarters.

Oversight of the joint services deal with Norfolk will be a core part of the job.

They are going to be busy as Suffolk has again received a financial settlement that Mr Passmore is unhappy with – and the precept will be partly used to fund a control room upgrade that will need careful project management.

His office said: “The Chief Finance officer is a statutory role which oversees the management of the financial and assurance arrangements to support the responsibilities of the Police and Crime Commissioner as well as being their key financial adviser.” 

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