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Met Fed issues no confidence in "shaming and negative" Khan

Frontline Met officers have withdrawn confidence in Mayor Sadiq Khan.

London’s Mayor has been told “in no uncertain terms” that rank and file officers in the capital don’t approve his decision to oust the Commissioner.

In a blistering statement, the Metropolitan Police Federation has declared it has no faith in Sadiq Khan.

Chair Ken Marsh said members were being undermined by “scaremongering, sniping and sweeping statements” that were ultimately causing disaffection with the public.

On the day campaigning began for local elections in London and Labour’s leader Kier Starmer launched his party’s law and order agenda, Mr Khan was issued with a heavily critical statement from the organisation representing more than 31,000 police officers.

The Met’s Fed said the Mayor’s decision to sack Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick was unnecessary and had undermined the work of officers.

“This is not a move we take lightly,” said Mr Marsh. “We have let the Mayor’s office know in no uncertain terms how our brave and diligent colleagues deserve better.

“The atmosphere amongst Metropolitan Police officers is horrendous – it’s rock bottom. Officers in London feel saddened and angry that the Commissioner has been pushed out in the way she has. She was reforming. She was changing. The culture is changing. We are deeply disappointed with the actions of the Mayor.”

The move follows months of criticism of the force from the Mayor including his decision to order an investigation into the Sarah Everard vigil.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary concluded in March last year officers had acted appropriately and issued a coded warning to politicians from all sides that their statements had made the job of officers even harder.

It said: “Many commentators, including some in a position of considerable influence, publicly expressed their concerns. Their comments have reach.”

The Fed said the decision to force out the Commissioner had brought to a head concern that the majority of officers were not being publicly supported on critical issues such as stop and search.

Nor were they getting reassurance following conduct cases that had only come to light because they had been reported by fellow officers.

Mr Marsh said: “Enough is enough. Officers have no faith in Sadiq Khan.”

“Frankly what we are viewing is politicians trying to use policing and the career of the country’s most senior police leader to deflect from their own failings. Many other people in public life could learn from the accountability policing – and the outgoing Metropolitan Police Commissioner – has shown.”

He added: “To be all branded in this shaming and negative way – as they are being by some politicians and many sections of the media – is wholly unfair. This doesn’t happen to any other organisation. As we see on a daily basis, this does not apply to any other profession. We have got to be fair here.”

The Mayor's office hit back - with the accusation that the Fed was part of the problem.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “It is the Mayor’s job to stand up for Londoners and hold the police to account on their behalf, as well to support the police in bearing down on crime. 

“With trust in the police among Londoners shattered following a series of devastating scandals exposing evidence of racism, misogyny, homophobia, harassment and discrimination in the Met, it was the Mayor’s view that a change of leadership was the only way to address this crisis in trust.

The statement added: “The Mayor has always made clear that there are thousands of incredibly brave and decent police officers at the Met, who we owe a huge debt of gratitude. But the series of scandals seen in recent years has tarnished the reputation of the police, which is so crucial to policing by consent. 

"Downplaying the scale of the change required is only going to hinder, not help, the vital process of restoring Londoners’ trust in the Met.” 

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