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PFNI steps up demand over back pay from September

Northern Ireland’s frontline leader has stepped up pressure over pay now six months overdue.

PFNI Chair Mark Lindsay, called on ministers to act over the failure to approve incremental pay awards for police officers that should have been made in September but have still not appeared in payslips.

It’s the latest stage in a three-way row between officers, the NI Ministry of Justice and the Department of Finance.

Officers won an industrial tribunal in 2019 over holiday pay which they were owed. The court found in their favour.

The current row is between the two departments over who is actually responsible for the pay deal.

Mr Lindsay said patience among officers was now running out.

“Getting approval for these increases should not take seven months or anything like it,” he said. 

“Bureaucracy in Northern Ireland is cumbersome, clunky and anything but joined-up. Pay increments are being bounced between the PSNI and the Departments of Justice and Finance with no one willing to take a decision.”

The renewed pressure from the Fed was triggered by the announcement that the province’s MPs will be getting a 2.7% pay.

Mr Lindsay said: “Their contractual increments have not yet been honoured, which is adding considerable strain to their families at a time of unprecedented cost of living increases. The delay in unacceptable and unnecessary and officers are demanding immediate action to end this shameful delay."

He added: “With an Assembly election looming, this will be one of the first questions officers will be asking those who seek their votes. This is a dreadful way to treat police officers.”

Both the Department of Finance and the Department of Justice were requested to respond.

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