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NI politicians urged to condemn petrol bomb attack on officer

Policing leaders have condemned a petrol bomb attack on a PSNI officer. It is being treated as an attempted murder.

A Northern Ireland officer had a luck escape by deflecting a petrol bomb that was thrown directly at him.

An attempted murder investigation is under way by Police Service of Northern Ireland after the incident in Creggan, Derry at the weekend.

The officer was with colleagues who responded to a fire at a derelict house which had been started deliberately. On arrival to secure the scene a group of teenagers began throwing stones

Then a petrol bomb, which had been lit, was directly thrown at the officer. 

Superintendent Clive Beatty said: "Thankfully, he acted quickly and prevented serious injury by deflecting the petrol bomb away from his body. He sustained an injury to his hand in doing so, however, he was able to remain on duty and continue to serve our community.

"What happened is unacceptable. No one should go to work and be placed in such a dangerous situation. Were it not for his quick reaction, the consequences could have resulted in serious injury, or worse." 

The force has now issued local appeals for witnesses and officers are still searching for the attacker.

The incident was also condemned by the force’s leader of frontline officers.

Police Federation for Northern Ireland (PFNI) Chair, Mark Lindsay, called on local politicians to unequivocally condemn the attack.

Mr Lindsay said: “This was a calculated and cold-blooded attack on an officer which could easily have seriously injured or cost him his life. If it wasn’t for the quick reaction of the officer, the consequences could have been catastrophic.

“I have a right to expect the unequivocal condemnation of all local politicians who must see this as an attack on the whole community.”

He added: “Our officer resumed his duties and is to be applauded for doing so. There could have been a much different outcome and, if nothing else, it shows the dangers officers face day and daily as they work to safeguard the entire community and rid us of people who have nothing but hatred to offer.”

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