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Nottinghamshire adds two lighter drones to fleet

The force’s drone team was established in January 2020.

Nottinghamshire has added two new drones taking the force’s number of UAVs to six.  

The additions are model Autel Evo II 640Ts, which are smaller than their main drones and can be easily carried in a backpack or on foot.

They are able to fly for longer and have a stronger wind resistance than the previous models. They also have 8K cameras, spotlights and live streaming capabilities according to the force.

The drones team is staffed by 16 officers on a rota and is on call 24/7.

PC Paul Henson at Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Since the team was launched in January 2020 it has played a direct role in saving the lives of several high-risk missing people.

“We have also opened up a wealth of new options for officers across the force, who now have much greater freedom to call for an extra eye in the sky giving them an additional capability and reassurance.

“In times gone by the only option we had to provide this was the police helicopter – which is an extremely expensive resource shared across the whole East Midlands region.

“These newest additions to our fleet can be airborne in minutes and also carried on foot to more challenging or remote search areas.

“As a result they will continue to revolutionise the way officers work on the ground – whilst providing excellent value for money for local residents.”

The force said they were also being used for crowd control.

Just last week, Nottinghamshire used one of the drones to aid their capture of three suspected thieves who had fled their vehicle following a police chase.

In January of this year, Dorset and Devon and Cornwall were the first forces to have their use of drones fitted with surveillance cameras certified by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, in stage one of a two part scheme leading to full certification.

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