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Police Scotland has purchased 599 electric vehicles to date

Updated figures on Police Scotland’s spend on electric vehicles so far have been revealed.

In October 2020, Police Scotland awarded two contracts worth over £25 million towards developing a fleet of ultra-low emission vehicles. 

Hyundai received one of the contracts and bp Chargemaster the other. 

Across the last three financial years 599 electric vehicles have been purchased, as well as 137 charging points. 

The force has spent just over £15 million on the cars and £3.1 million on the charging points. 

The charging points are situated at a range of Police Scotland sites including Dalkeith, Gorbals and Springburn. 

The force has previously said they are aiming to create the UK’s first ultra-low emission blue light fleet. 

The above figures were revealed via an FOI request to the force submitted by Scotland’s Sunday Mail. 

However, Police Oracle understands that fuel consumption by the force has been reduced by 564,359 litres, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions related to fuel use of 1,533 tCO2e. 

The force has yet to take into account emissions relating to charging the vehicles however. 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “The majority of electric vehicles within the force are unmarked, however, a small number are marked and are deployed in non-response roles. 

“Our Fleet Strategy sets out our aim of establishing a fully ultra-low emission vehicle fleet by 2030. Work to establish the necessary infrastructure and roll out the vehicles is ongoing. 

“The strategic vision for Police Scotland is to be a fit for purpose, efficient, effective and sustainable 21st century police service. In order to do this, significant projects are underway to create a new operating model for the organisation, including the work relating to our fleet.” 

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