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Guernsey “tweets on the beat”

Over the weekend, Guernsey ran a 24 hour “tweet on the beat” giving the public an insight into what it is like to be an officer.

The force made 74 posts across the period on top of comments engaging with other Twitter users. 

Tweets included: 


All the posts were accompanied by the hashtag #TweetOnTheBeat. 

The tweets were co-ordinated by the force’s comms officer, a member of the States of Guernsey’s comms team as well as on of their comms-capable special constables who worked across the period. 

A/Chief Inspector Tom Marshall told Police Oracle that it was back in 2015 that the force held their first similar engagement event as a way of connecting with the community slightly differently. 

While he said they were not the first Service to use social media in a similar way, he believes it is particularly effective in in their “small Guernsey Community” as the issues covered are familiar to many in their audience. 

“The idea behind the whole thing is to use social media to give people an insight into what it is like being a police officer in Guernsey, and what we find ourselves getting up to. As I’d imagine is the case with many Services, the public have a perception of what we do, but it isn’t always accurate, so tweeting on the beat is a good way to give a relatively unfiltered look in,” A/Chief Insp Marshall said.  

“We had fantastic engagement from the community throughout the event, which is always good to see. There was a lot of interest and a lot of questions which we were able to answer, and it was a relatively busy Saturday night, so people got to see a good cross section of what was going on. 

“We made three drink drive arrests, we dealt with domestic incidents, burglaries, fights in Town and much more. We also took the opportunity to get out and do some face-to-face engagement when it was sunny on the Sunday. 

“I do hope that this will go some way to building public confidence. The feedback has been very positive, and I think seeing that is also good for our officers. They work hard to serve the community here, so it is nice for them to be able to see some support.”

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