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The Met’s ‘inherently dramatic’ first TV recruitment ad

The Met are today launching their first TV recruitment advert as the pressure to meet targets in the final year of Uplift continues.

“Intense”, “truly inspiring” and “moments of sheer exhilaration” are quotes seen against a backdrop of armed raids, forensics and the London skyline.

The 30 second advert is aimed at showing the variety of roles available for future officers. Designed to look like a movie trailer, it touches on the roles of firearms, safer neighbourhoods and marine police.

The TV ad sits alongside the Met’s many advertising campaigns which include radio, video on demand, tube car panels and social media, as the force have openly said they are struggling to meet the recruitment target set by the Home Office.

Last month, a move to offer a £5k one off payment to officers who transfer from other forces came up against anger from neighbouring PCCs and Chiefs. The force, however, has said that during Uplift “more Met officers have transferred to other police forces than have transferred into the Met.”

The London residency requirement was also lifted in February in a bid to open recruitment up to more applicants.

At the end of March, the Met’s headcount stood at 34,000 (including part-time officers). By March 2023, they expect to have to recruit 4,000 more officers to meet the target, factoring in retirements and resignations.

16.5 per cent of the force’s full-time officers are of Black, Asian or mixed ethnic heritage, and 29.9 per cent are female.

Figures released to Police Oracle earlier this year recorded the Met’s attrition rate for probationers as 7.9 per cent, with 528 officers leaving in probation since April 2020.

The Met has said they are “keen to rise to the challenge of recruiting thousands of new PCs over the next nine months, and wants to hear from potential new candidates as soon as possible.”

“Choose a career most people see on screen,” the advert beckons.

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