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Over half of officers chose policing to make a “positive difference”

Results of a recent survey have shown that 59 per cent of officers chose their career in order to make a positive difference.

Meanwhile, 53 per cent also have been involved in their local community since they started their career.

The survey was carried out by ‘Opinion Matters’ and commissioned by public sector and civil service membership club Boundless. 2,004 UK adults submitted responses, half of them employed within the public sector and civil service.

Further statistics showed that almost a third of officers looked after neighbours in their spare time and 28 per cent of officers say that local community spirit motivates them to do their job.

As an example, Vicky Lee has recently retired after 30 years on the force: “Being on the neighbourhood for 15 years, you get to really know the community, and one of the highlights for me was securing a new skatepark for the youths. One November night, I got a call that there were some lads on skateboards and BMX bikes, causing problems in the town centre. So, I went down there on my own, and I stood back and watched – they weren’t doing anything wrong. I went up to them, they thought I was going to move them on.

“Over a period of four years and a lot of battles, we fundraised with the children, I got involved with the town council, and eventually we secured a new skatepark in the park. It was built and I opened it – and they absolutely love it. People’s perceptions of youths with hoodies on, riding BMXs, are sometimes a little unfair. These are good kids, with nowhere to go.

 “Working shifts, you do get used to being tired. But you have to have time out, to be able to go in for your next set of earlies recovered and ready for the next shift. You do need that me-time, it’s so important to have something that’s away from the police.”

Public Service Day was launched by the United Nations in 2003. This year it falls on Thursday 23 June.

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