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CPS pilot to trial paralegals in Magistrates courts

The pilot will begin at the end of the month.

From the end of June, the CPS will run a pilot which will see paralegal officers deployed to Magistrates Court Units. 

The officers will focus on assisting case progression by managing the administration of cases, which the CPS told Police Oracle “will enable lawyers to focus on legal decision making and is just one way the CPS is contributing to making the criminal justice system more efficient.” 

15 paralegal officers will be involved and the pilot will run in four CPS areas; London North, North East, South West and the South East. 

The pilot is due to run until March 2023, and Police Oracle have been told it will be assessed “in due course”. 

In a speech given to the Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates, the Lord Chief Justice said that there are also plans to improve the quality of information available both to the Crown Court and to other parties from an early stage. 

He said that the CPS has additionally committed to supporting case ownership and early engagement with defence lawyers. 

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