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Police Scotland officers to withdraw ‘goodwill’ in pay row

General secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, Calum Steele, has said that the action will start at 5pm on Friday.

The action will see officers refuse to start their shifts early, continue past their shift, or take radio equipment home when their duty ends.

They will start and end their working day at the time of their rostered tour of duty “unless expressly directed or authorised to the contrary”, Mr Steele has said.

Officers have also been advised to ask for their previous contact numbers to be deleted from Police Service records.

The Joint Central Committee had previously rejected the offer of a £564 pay increase and the measures announced today are expected to be the first in a series of protests over the pay offer.

In a letter to Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Livingstone, Mr Steele said: “Further actions to safeguard our members’ health and safety and to mitigate the effects of the cost-of-living crisis on them will follow over subsequent weeks.

“I need to be clear that the formal withdrawal of goodwill is not an action the JCC has endorsed lightly.

“It is nonetheless a manifestation of the strength of feeling of our members of the utter contempt this pay offer represents to them.

“It will not be lost on you that this is the most significant discontent in the police service since the 1970s, and the most overt demonstration of action by our members in over 100 years.”

He has clarified however that there is a “willingness” to negotiate a fair pay settlement.

In a letter to members, Mr Steele said that the purpose of the action is not to “frustrate any investigation.”

“It is simply to demonstrate to our employers just how much discretionary effort, and free policing hours, they ordinarily take for granted.”

Officers have been instructed to claim remuneration for overtime worked.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We recognise the considerable goodwill officers bring to their roles on a daily basis as they keep people safe across the country, and this is also valued by the communities they serve.

“We therefore remain committed, through the Police Negotiating Board, to seeking a settlement.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Police Authority said: “We remain committed to working with the staff side through the Police Negotiating Board to reach an agreement on pay for 2022/23.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “Police officer pay has been negotiated for many years through the Police Negotiating Board (PNB), which includes police officer staff associations, the Scottish Police Authority, Police Scotland, and the Scottish Government.

“The PNB process is ongoing in relation to pay for 2022/23, and we await the outcome of those discussions.”


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