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Met PC sacked for turning ‘blind eye’ to criminal husband

Her husband was one of six people including two other Met officers sentenced last May following an investigation by the Met’s Anti-Corruption Crime Command.

PC Inga Gherghel allegedly turned a “blind eye” to signs her husband was responsible for the theft of large amounts of drug money from a criminal gang. 

Her husband Ioan Gherghel, 36, was jailed for six years last May after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to acquire criminal property. 

He was one of six, including former Met officer Kashif Mahmood, who were sentenced for a range of offences at the time. The group received jail sentences totalling more than 56 years. 

Mr Gherghel had been arrested in April 2020. A search of the couple’s home found an MPS MetVest inside a cupboard, which had not been issued to PC Gherghel. 

They also found a shoebox containing more thant £10,000 in cash. 

The misconduct panel held this week found that PC Gherghel was aware of these items and “willfully failed to inquire further into the origin or purpose of the items and as to what either might be doing in her flat,” according to the Met. 

Commander Marcus Barnett, in charge of policing at the Central East Command Unit, said: “It is the duty of any police officer to report criminality to police and PC Gherghel turned a blind eye to the actions of her husband.

“This was exacerbated by the fact a MetVest was found at her home that had not been issued to her.

“As the investigation shows, we are determined to root out officers in the Met who do not demonstrate the right qualities and we will prosecute and dismiss them from our force.”

There is no indication PC Gherghel committed any crimes. 

Meanwhile former officer Mahmood, previously based at the Central East Command Unit, was jailed for eight years after he admitted conspiring to acquire criminal property and misconduct in public office. 

The court was told that he used his position in the Met to help an organised gang seize money from other criminals. 

He would wear his uniform, use marked and unmarked police cars, to travel to locations where the gang knew “significant quantities of criminal cash” would be exchanged. He would seize the cash pretending to be doing his duty. 

Mahmood had been an officer since March 2010.

In December Mahmood’s wife PC Shareen Kashif, also a Met officer based at the Central East Command Unit, was sacked after she had pleaded guilty to concealing criminal property - the proceeds of her husband’s crimes. She was sentenced in February to two years imprisonment suspended for 21 months. She also has to complete 150 hours of unpaid work. 

The operation is believed to have seized at least £850,000 from criminal couriers.  

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