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PCC asks Home Office to overrule College on scrapping IPLDP

Derbyshire says that policing is 'a career of choice for non degree holders'

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster has written to the Policing Minister in a show of support for the non-degree entrance system for new police officer recruits.

Angelique Foster said she strongly believes that police forces should be able to recruit from the widest pool of talent to serve their communities.  That includes those who do not hold or wish to hold a degree, as long as they have the skills and aptitude required for the job.

She contacted the government in response to news that it plans to close the IPLDP recrutiment system, from April 2023 following requests from the College of Policing.

She said: “The response to the recent recruitment round using this traditional entry route was very successful, with a high number of applicants. This illustrates that policing is a career of choice for non-degree holders, and importantly it enables the force to select candidates with a wider variety of experiences and skills.”

Derbyshire recently opened-up recruitment for non-degree holders to accelerate its recruitment efforts as part of the Uplift programme. 

In the letter,PCC Foster said: “The Chief Constable and I strongly believe that this route serves to provide an entry-point for members of the public who may not hold or want to hold a degree but would nevertheless possess the right skills and aptitude to serve their communities.

“I am disappointed to see that steps have been taken by the government to close the use of this entry-route from April 2023 and I would ask that you reconsider this stance. I do not believe the use of IPLDP alongside other degree-linked routes impairs our ability to deliver a professionalised policing service, in fact it arguably ensures policing better reflects the communities it serves.

“During 2022/23 Derbyshire intends to make use of IPLDP as well as the other entry routes to give as many candidates as possible the opportunity to become a police officer and help keep their communities safe.”

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