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BTP launch new reporting app

It comes as part of their campaign ‘Speak Up, Interrupt’.

The campaign is targetted and preventing and tackling sexual harassment on the rail network and it comes as reports of sexual harassment and sexual offences to BTP have risen by 175 per cent (2019/20 compared to 2021/22). 

The campaign looks to empower bystanders and witnesses to report incidents of inappropriate sexual behaviour or to safely intervene where they can. 

The app itself ‘Railway Guardian’ is available to download from the Apple store and Google Play store. In addition to being able to report a crime to BTP via the app, there are also guides on topics such as how to be an active bystander, links to access support services, access to surveys on improving safety and the ability to report a station issue directly to the train operating company. 

Police Oracle also understands that further features are being looked at, including location services. 

BTP already have a text reporting system where members of the public can report incidents unobtrusively via the 61016 number, which the force has previously said is hugely popular. 

BTP Sexual Offences Lead, Detective Superintendent Sarah White, said: “We must shift the focus away from just relying on victims to report sexual harassment to us, because everyone has a part to play in driving out this unacceptable behaviour.

“We’re not asking people to police the railway, that’s our job. But small actions such as offering someone your seat if you notice them looking uncomfortable, alerting an officer, or reporting an incident to us can make an enormous difference.” 

The campaign was developed with rail industry partners and based on research from charities as well bystander behaviour experts.

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