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Suggested notes for the new Commissioner of the Met

Former Met officer Chris Hobbs suggests some action points for the new Commissioner in his first four months in the job

As Sir Mark Rowley walks up the steps to NSY on his first day just imagine that he and I, formerly a lowly DS, exchange places in the tradition of several Hollywood movies with Sir Mark doubtless somewhat puzzled to find himself pushing a shopping trolly around Lidl’s.

I calculate that Sir Mark has a period of around four months during which neither Mayor Khan nor Priti Patel would dare to orchestrate his dismissal or be prepared to accept his resignation. Thus, the new Commissioner will, temporarily, be in a strong position to make demands in respect of finances and resources.

His (my) first task will be to address his senior leadership team: Below are his notes. The address will be in two parts; the interval should enable those at the top of the Met to recover their composure after being told they will be expected to ‘take to the streets.’

Part 1

Part 2

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