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PCC lead to meet PM candidates to discuss police priorities

The contenders to be the next PM are being challenged over police funding.

The leader of Police and Crime Commissioners plans this week to tell the candidates to be the next Prime Minister that funding for forces needs a massive overhaul.

Lincolnshire’s PCC Marc Jones and other Conservative PCCs are set to meet Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to hear about their plans for law and order and community safety.

They will warn significant funding will be needed to fully fund the Uplift cohort – and attract enough people in future who will commit to policing careers.

They will also tell the two candidates the current system for allocating cash is out of date. And there will be warnings over the degree entry programme and plans to set central targets.

Mr Jones said: “On a personal level I am keen to promote the policy idea of removing fuel duty from emergency service vehicles as well as the need to complete the investment in 20,000 new officers and the reform of the funding formula.”

Bedfordshire’s PCC Festus Akinbusoye revealed he wants action on officer pay and funding.

“I will be very interested to hear more of what the Conservative leadership contest candidates have to say on law and order. More and more is expected of policing today, and resources must match this expectation. The funding formula needs sorting and police pay and demand pressures,” he said.

Staff groups are also set to raise concerns over pay with the pair with a warning that the settlement announced last week has done little to reduce the pressure on pay packets.

The Police Federation said: “We will continue to lobby the government and campaign in every way we can to ensure the fair pay and wellbeing of police officers.”

Senior officers have already signalled they want details on what the long-term strategy is for pay – a view echoed by the Police Foundation which has called for a review of the current system.

Even the PRRB has admitted the current arrangements are inadequate.

Marc Jones said meeting the candidates was just the beginning: “PCCs look forward to an ongoing dialogue with the new PM, Home Secretary and Policing Minister on a range of issues in the coming weeks, months and years to help shape policy and support a strong, effective and efficient police service.”

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