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Humberside PC dismissed for use of force and placed on barred list

A Humberside PC found not guilty at court for common assault has been dismissed a week after a misconduct hearing found him guilty of gross misconduct

PC Henry Green has been dismissed and placed on the barred list after waiting a week for the outcome after gross misconduct was found at a hearing which ended last week. 

The hearing related to an incident in which PC Green, 28, had handcuffed one man and one woman in relation to a report of fraud in a supermarket on Newland Avenue, Hull, in 2019. A second man was also involved and fled the store. 

PC Green had then deployed a leg sweep to the woman without breaking or adequately supporting her fall, submitting at his trial that she had become agressive and that he had held her until she touched the floor. 

He also hit the male with a set of metal handcuffs, saying that he had seen the suspect raise his hands and believed he was about to assault him. He said he had already been assaulted by a male in handcuffs earlier that day. 

He was found not guilty of two charges of common assault at York Magistrates Court in December, however last week a misconduct panel found that he had used excessive force and had consequently breached the standards of professional behaviour. The panel has now found he should be dismissed and placed on the College of Policing's barred list.

Head of PSD, Detective Superintendent Matt Baldwin, said: “The Panel concluded Green had lost control and that there was no justification for his actions during this incident.

“Green attended with another officer to a report of three people attempting to commit an offence of fraud in a supermarket on Newland Avenue.

“Green handcuffed one of the men, who remained compliant despite not being formally arrested.  The other officer remained with the woman who was also handcuffed, whilst a second man fled from the store.

“The man and woman handcuffed were fully cooperative and made no threats towards anyone or attempts to escape.

“Despite their compliance and cooperation, Green took hold of the woman and used a leg sweep to take her to the floor, before he turned and punched the man in the face. He then threatened the man before making disrespectful and disparaging comments to them both.

“We will not accept any officer or member of staff behaving in a way that fails to uphold or maintain their responsibility to serve and protect the public in the Humberside area. It is of paramount importance that we maintain the public’s trust and confidence by removing from the force those who behave in a way that undermines this.”

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