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Northants PC dismissed after crashing police vehicle

A Northamptonshire officer has been dismissed after gross misconduct was found proven against him.

In February 2021, PC Jordan Logue self-deployed to a domestic disturbance reported in Corby, without notifying the Force Control Room. 

To get there, he drove a marked police vehicle over the speed limit, with a siren and blue lights and at times on the wrong side of the road - despite the fact that he was limited to the “basic operational” driving authority. 

The panel decided the incident itself did not require him to attend, let alone drive in that manner. 

While he was driving, his vehicle collided with one belonging to a member of the public, causing it to accelerate and demolish a boundary wall belonging to a church.

The panel said: “The officer candidly accepted that his driving could have killed a member of the public. In the event, and no thanks to the officer, no member of the public was killed.” 

The officer had joined the force in October 2014, but a gross misconduct hearing has now dismissed him without notice and placed him on the barred list. 

At the collision scene PC Logue then lied to a Superintendent - PS Cayton - and denied he had used the lights and the siren.

He lied a second time to a temporary Inspector about the lights, before six days later telling the truth to a third officer - Superintendent Ward. 

The panel said that when the officer decided  “to come clean”, he must have known that the evidence would have revealed the truth anyway. 

The panel also heard however that the officer had mental health issues which he said impacted his judgement. The panel accepted the behaviour was “wholly out of character.” 

The panel continued :”The reasonable member of the public if aware of the admitted facts could only think that the Officer had deliberately and wantonly abused the position of trust that he held as a police officer, had obviously and recklessly endangered life and limb, and had persistently and deliberately lied to supervising officers in an attempt to cover his tracks.

"If the Officer was willing, for his own ends and in his own interests, to lie in this case how could he be trusted ‘to the ends of the earth’ (as required) in every other case?” 

PC Logue had admitted all of the allegations against him and had admitted that they constituted gross misconduct.

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