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Fed calls for Home Office to end PRRB influence

Frontline leaders have called for the government to end its control of the pay body.

The Police Federation has called for the Home Office to be stripped of the power to set terms of the Police Remuneration Review Body.

The first formal response to the government since the pay award urged the Treasury and Home Office to reset relations with officers – and opened the terms for negotiations with the new ministerial team.

It contained an analysis of how the flat 5% pay increase had impacted on officers.

It said: "As of October this year, it is estimated that there will be a 30.3 per cent real terms pay cut for constables at the bottom pay point of the pay scale and an 18.5 per cent real terms pay cut for constables at the top pay point of the pay scale. For sergeants at the top point of the pay scale, the estimated real terms pay drop will be 18.9 per cent. For inspectors at the top of the pay scale, the real terms pay drop will be 19.5 per cent, and for chief inspectors at the top point of the pay scale the real terms pay drop will be 19.7 per cent."

Senior figures at the Fed say they are setting out their position with officials so the new ministerial team can be briefed on how they can improve the poor relationship with officers.

They want the new government to come back with an offer that would convince hardliners that it is worth returning to the PRRB.

Independence is a critical issue for the staff side – and they were given unexpected support by the board’s warning in its recommendation that the current system isn’t fit for purpose.

The Fed is one of the parties due to take the government to the High Court over the PRRB’s remit in the autumn.

Added urgency is coming from the cost of living crisis which will see bills rise again in the autumn.

PFEW National Chair Steve Hartshorn said: “The independence of the PRRB must be upheld and not influenced by the government by way of a remit to enable officers to have a fair pay mechanism, and the P-factor payment exclusive to policing must be included to ensure officers are paid fairly for the risks they take. 

“We seek assurances from the government that next year the PRRB will not be restrained by an unfair remit set by the Home Office, and that the unsustainable real-terms pay cut is addressed to ensure our members can afford to do the job they signed up for.”

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