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Hampshire Fed calls for increase in South East allowance

Other forces are taking their allowances to the maximum limit to attract and retain officers outside the Met.

The South East Allowance is a sum given to officers who work in forces surrounding the Met. Although maximums are set by the Police Remuneration Review Body, it is down to each Chief Constable and corresponding PCC to set the rate for their officers. 

For Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex, Surrey and Thames Valley Police, the maximum annual allowance per officer is £3,000. 

For Bedfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey, it stands at £2,000. 

The Met, whose officers receive a London Allowance, has upped the ante on police recruitment and rentention by offering a £5K 'signing on fee' for officers who transfer from other forces. 

Currently Hampshire officers receive £1,100 of their £2,000 maximum. Other forces have recently been moving to take their figures up to their maximums - with Hertfordshire being the first force to do so last month. 

Surrey will be doing the same from October, and Thames Valley next month. 

Today the Hampshire Fed has said that while it’s “reassuring” the Chief recognises the need to bring the allowance in line with other forces, they remain disappointed there has still not been an announcement and that the final decision lies with the PCC. 

“Officers from Hampshire and Thames Valley Police who work within the Joint Operation Unit between the forces are often deployed together. This means that officers working side by side are now paid vastly different amounts,” the Federation has said. 

“This adds greater need for an increase in what is paid to our members here in Hampshire.

“Officers already feel undervalued, and we know a number are leaving Hampshire and moving to where pay reflects the unique role of Policing and the cost of living in this region.”

The Fed has additionally called for continued pressure on government and the new Prime Minister to review the “unfair funding formula”. 

Police Oracle spoke with Hampshire Fed Chair Zoë Wakefield who said she would like to see all the South East forces move to a maximum of £3,000 and for every force to go to the maximum it can. 

“It’s frustrating watching other forces make the decision to increase the allowance,” she said. 

“Hampshire is now by far the worst off force in the South East.” 

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