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Civil Nuclear Police Authority joins PCC organisation

The CNPA has joined as an associate member.

The Civil Nuclear Police Authority has joined the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners as part of plans to extend the remit of the CNC to help other forces.

The government recently supported proposals to enable the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) to provide ‘special demand’ assistance to territorial forces, in line with BTP and MoD Police powers.

Ideas for expansion of the CNC to emerge from a consultation exercise included ‘backfilling’ specialist policing roles during the pandemic in order to free up territorial forces to support enforcement of health protection regulations.

Another expansion proposal was guarding non-nuclear critical national infrastructure such as major train stations and airports during periods of ‘heightened emergency’ such as severe terrorism threats.

The consultation has been in response to the changing nature of the CNC’s responsibilities due to the closure and recommissioning of many nuclear sites around the UK.

Under current regulations there are only a limited number of territorial forces with section 22A collaboration arrangements in place which means many cannot call upon CNC support if required.

Sir Craig Mackay, QPM, CNPA Interim Chair said that joining the APCC is an important step as the service looks to expand. 

“The Association enables a sharing of expertise and advice on vital issues, and it has an important voice in policing as the home of policing governance,” he added. 

“We look forward to engaging with the Association and its members. We have so much to learn from their collective experience and knowledge, and we will strive to make a contribution to that experience and knowledge ourselves in any way we can”.

The APCC supports its members by providing information on national policing policy issues, consulting PCCs to help them develop policy positions as well as shares practice and encourages collaboration. 

It also exists to give members a platform and a national voice to help inform policy and decision making. 

All PCCs and PFCCs are members, along with other organisations including the City of London Police Authority, the Ministry of Defence Police Committee and the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

As of this week, the CNPA are also among the ranks. 

APCC Chair Marc Jones, said: “We are delighted to welcome the CNPA as an Associate member of the APCC.

“The CNPA oversee the work of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, and as such have a unique perspective on policing. Their membership will provide a valuable contribution to the Association and its members.

“We are looking forward to working with the CNPA and increasing collaboration and information sharing regarding the important work we all do.”

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