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Herts police station to expand

The Hertfordshire PCC has today confirmed plans to expand Borehamwood police station.

PCC David Lloyd has today announced plans to extend the station and confirmed that it will stay on the site for another 17 years. 

Under the new proposals, there will be new spaces created for interviews and victim statements to be taken as well as extra space to accommodate the increase in officer numbers under uplift. 

The station sits in the Hertsmere Borough Council civic centre - where it was moved several years ago following an increase in officers and staff working from the station and in a bid to facilitate partnership working. 

The station currently houses around 150 staff and officers. 

Mr Lloyd said: “The public constantly tell me that they want to see local stations retained in their areas. This is happening in Hertfordshire, unlike some other parts of the country, and it is part of the strong neighbourhood policing model the Chief Constable and I are committed to.

“As well as community beat officers, emergency intervention teams and detectives are also based at the station.

“These stations have hundreds of officers to serve their local communities including neighbourhood, emergency and detective teams. They are open to the public if you call ahead to make an appointment.”

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