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Northamptonshire introduces petrol-electric hybrid motorcycles

Northamptonshire has launched the new vehicles this week

The three-wheeled bikes have been under development for three years and will be used by neighbourhood policing teams.

The force has collaborated with British-based business White Motorcycle Concepts and the bikes have been developed with a focus on drag reduction aerodynamics.

This, alongside the hybrid nature of the vehicles will result in an estimated reduction of around 50 per cent in carbon emissions.

The bikes cost around £14k each - they have detachable batteries as well as a mobile power sources - so the bike can become a mobile work station with three-pin plug sockets and USB ports. 

An initial pilot scheme had been conducted earlier this year and now eight such vehicles will officially be introduced into the force’s fleet.

Superintendent Kevin Mulligan has previously said: “Here in Northamptonshire, we are lucky to have a Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner who are both fully committed to getting our fleet ahead of the curve when it comes to alternatively powered vehicles. In 2030, all new vehicles will have to be powered by more sustainable means, so it makes sense for us to invest now.

“Charging infrastructure and the current electric supply into our estate is still in development as we start moving towards alternatively power sourced vehicles. These bikes have been designed with this in mind, relying on virtually no infrastructure compared to plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles.

“Our county location gives us access to some of the world’s finest innovators when it comes to vehicles and technology. We have had several manufacturers loan us electric vehicles and these have been used across all areas of the force from roads policing, neighbourhood, and response teams.

“It certainly is an exciting time for the introduction of more sustainable vehicles within our fleet, and I’d suggest everyone keeps an eye on Northamptonshire Police as we seek to lead the way as innovators in this field.”

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