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Officer injured in Westminster Bridge attack to climb Mount Snowdon

Former Met officer Kris Aves had sustained a spinal cord injury in the 2017 attack.

On September 17, former Met officer Kris Aves will use an adapted wheelchair to push up Mount Snowdon in order to raise money for spinal cord injury charity, Back Up.

The journey will see him climb 3,500 feet across nine miles of different terrain.

On the day of the Westminster Bridge attack, Kris Aves had been collecting a commendation for his work policing the Brexit protests in and around Westminster. He was making his way across the bridge to celebrate with his colleagues when he was hit by the SUV – causing him to sustain a T3 level spinal cord injury.

While in the Met, he had spent time working Camden response teams as well as a liaison officer.

Following the attack, he spent seven months in hospital. After extensive spine and leg surgery he was informed he would never walk again.

He is now taking on charity Back Up’s ‘Snowdon Push’.

“When I was in hospital, I was focused on all the things I thought that I couldn’t do anymore – from spending time with my family, to my favourite sport, golf,” he said.

"I now focus on the opportunities in front of me. Challenges are just that – challenges. They can be overcome, and I want to show people that there are so many opportunities out there.

“The biggest challenge is in my head – that question of can I get further? But I’m just going to approach it milestone by milestone. I want to spread the message that when life gives you lemons – make lemonade! When things get in your way, you can’t let them stop you.”

Kris' fundraising page can be found here. 

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