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Northamptonshire to launch Roads Policing Team

The team is set to ‘go live’ on January 3rd next year – recruitment is currently underway.

Northamptonshire are launching a dedicated roads policing team which will have responsibility for the major road network in the county.

The force has not had a traditional RPT in 12 years and has previously used regional collaboration for the capability.

The new RPT will comprise five teams, each made up for a sergeant and eight constables.

Officers will work within the team on a full time basis and the team will be staffed 24/7 365 days a year.

They will have drone and ANPR capability as well as a family liaison role.

Northamptonshire told Police Oracle that the Family Liaison role will support the Serious Collision Investigation Team and is aimed at supporting the bereaved families of those killed on the roads.

Detective Chief Inspector Shelley Nichols, who will head the team, said: “This team will target criminals that use the Northamptonshire road networks to commit offences, disrupting and prosecuting those responsible.”

In 2020, the Northants interceptor team was launched with a dual role of policing the roads and targeting travelling criminals, as well as enhancing response capability to all incidents.

The new RPT will now run in parallel to the interceptor team – however, while the interceptor team is an area resource, the RPT is a county resource.

The interceptor team undertook an ‘operational reset’ in May 2021. CC Nick Adderley had said that at that point the interceptors hadn’t filled the capability gap the investment had intended them to.

The fleet was described as being used as “fast pandas”. Equipped with a stinger, hydraulic tools, a drone and fitted with ANPR readers – CC Adderley committed to “getting [the fleet] back on track”.

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