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PC dismissed after reporting himself

PC Kelly Norris had used the services of a sex worker with links to organised crime.

A hearing held last week has resulted in the dismissal of PC Kelly Norris after he used the services of a sex worker with links to organised crime.

CC Sarah Crew ruled that the behaviour amounted to gross misconduct.

However, the officer had reported himself to his supervisor when he realised that the individual he met with most recently was someone whose record he had come across during work.

CC Crew said that in policing officers know that sex workers are often “vulnerable victims of exploitation, control and physical and sexual violence”.

“Our role as police officers is to work with partner agencies to try to keep vulnerable people safe and signpost to support services,” she added.

“PC Norris is aware of these vulnerabilities yet he has chosen to engage sex workers more than once.

“He also knew the potential for sex workers to be linked with organised crime groups and should have realised the risk this posed to his integrity as a police officer.

“There is no place for such behaviour in Avon and Somerset Police. The conduct is so serious and so injurious to public confidence in the police service that nothing less than dismissal without notice can suffice.”

PC Norris will also be placed on the barred list.

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