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Police dog racks up 250 arrests before retirement

Police Dog Quantum has had a six year career with Nottinghamshire Police.

The seven-year-old German Shepherd helped with more than 250 arrests during his career as a general-purpose dog.

Despite being stabbed during an arrest in 2018, PD Quantun later earned a national bravery award after taking down a machete-wielding suspect.

In 2020 he helped detain an individual at Nottingham train station who had already assaulted several officers - including knocking a female officer unconscious.

The individual hit Quantum round the head with a plank of wood but he managed to grab hold of him and detain him.

A recent diagnosis of arthritis has meant Quantum will now be retired from the front line.

He will live with his handler PC Jennine Ellse.

She said: “Quantum really is an amazing animal. He is the only dog I have had in my service and he really has taught me everything I know about dog handling.

“He’s really everything you would want from a police dog – dependable, loyal, reliable and absolutely fearless. He has never let me down and I really couldn’t have asked for a better wingman over the years.”

Nottinghamshire Police’s dog section consists of 15 officers and 24 dogs – a mixture of general-purpose animals and specialist search dogs.

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