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Met officer on 263 mile charity walk

The 46 year old will arrive at Parliament Square today.

Tom Harrison has raised more than £4,000 for the British Red Cross Society’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal by walking across the country. A Ukrainian flag attached to his rucksack flying behind him, he has been relying on the public’s kindness for both food and a place to stay.

He set off from Land’s End on September 12 and is due to arrive in London on Thursday. Having brought no money with him, he has knocked on the doors of over 100 people so far.

He explained: “It was daunting at first, because I’ve never really been in that position where I’m having to knock on someone’s door (and say), ‘This might sound ludicrous, but I’m walking from Land’s End to London and I have no money.’

“The first place I stopped, it was an elderly couple who lived on a road leading up from Land’s End on the north coast of Cornwall.

“They said: ‘Come on in, have a cup of tea and some breakfast.'”

Averaging at around 20 miles a day he has been through Hayle in Cornwall, Yeovil in Somerset and Basingstoke in Hampshire.

Formerly known as “Mr Gorilla” Mr Harrison has completed various fundraiser dressed in a gorilla costume – including crawling the London Marathon in 2017.

This month he is raising money for Ukranian people.

“Their suffering has been far beyond mine,” he said.

“Losing their homes, relatives and friends killed, having to flee the country.

“Really my day-to-day, the fatigue and finding food or accommodation, is nothing compared to what (they have been through).”

He is aiming to finish his walk in time to pick his son up from afterschool club.

You can access his JustGiving page here.

Police Oracle contacted the Met but was unable to confirm Mr Harrison's rank. 

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