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Two Special Constables injured after collision in Sheffield

The two Special Constables involved in the collision are expected to physically recover, following a collision that police believe may be linked to an earlier firearm discharge in the area.

Two Special Constables (SCs) have been injured as a result of a collision in Sheffield which South Yorkshire Police (SYP) believe may be linked to an earlier shooting in the area.

The collision - which took place on Peninstone Road on the night of September 28 - also injured two civilians.

DCI Andy Knowles said: “Initial enquiries point to a shooting being the catalyst to the night’s events, potentially having taken place in the Southey Green or Adlington Road area, but we are keen not to rule anything out.

“No reports of a firearm discharge have yet been called in to police, and it is possible that these incidents are not linked, however we must explore every avenue to determine what happened."

SYP officers were initially called to a crash involving a black BMW and a read Vauxhall Corsa at around 9.45pm on September 28. One man, understood to have been armed, is said to have left the BMW on foot.

He then robbed another vehicle, before leaving that vehicle to steal a silver Tiguan - the car which collided with the SC on duty. A second SC involved was also injured. Both officers are expected to recover.

A 26-year-old man is now in custody having been arrested on suspicion of burglary, robbery and attempted murder.

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