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GMP adapts Single Online Home to digitalise reports

The Single Online Home system has been available to forces across the UK since April 2019 - as of March 2021. 27 forces were using it.

GMP have made adaptations to the Single Online Home system which allow reports to be digitally read and automatically created in its command and control system.

This task previously would have been undertaken by police staff – the digitalisation has released five police staff per day who previously would have been working on data processing. 

GMP has worked alongside software development organisation HCL on the change.

The Centralised Crime Recording and Resolution Unit (CRRU) team make contact with every victim of crime being dealt with centrally, by telephone and/or email.

The ‘BOT’ processes more than 1,700 emails a week, with a failure rate of 0.21 per cent according to the force. Urgent reports are prioritised by keywords and triaged accordingly.

A Duty Supervisor is notified if any duplicate reports are processed and can therefore manually intervene to correct errors.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Sykes, said; “It is GMP’s priority to ensure that our resources are managed effectively. The SOH ‘BOT’ provides a platform for reports of crime to be efficiently and accurately processed to enhance the service given to victims.

“GMP is always seeking new ways to engage with our communities, and with the help of this and other new technology, we have been able to modernise traditional methods of policing to optimise how our officers serve the public.”

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