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Cumbria officers save suicidal man

Two officers were able to support the man, who was hanging, until he could be transported to hospital.

On Saturday, Cumbria received a report of concern for the welfare of a Carlisle man in his 40s.

Officers carried out a search of the local area and found the man hanging a short time later.

PC Callum Rushton and Acting Sergeant Adrian Dobson were able to take the man’s weight by bracing his feet on their shoulders.

They physically supported him in this way for over five minutes, while waiting for further support from colleagues.

They were then able to cut him down at which point he was breathing and conscious and subsequently was taken to hospital by an ambulance.

Deputy Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary Rob Carden said: “I’d first like to pass on my thoughts and best wishes, and that of our officers, to this man and sincerely hope that he gets the support he needs to make a full recovery.

“In what were particularly challenging circumstances, the officers – PC Callum Rushton and PC Adrian Dobson -  acted without hesitation to save the man’s life, whilst directing colleagues to the location to provide support. I am extremely proud of both officers and their colleagues for their professionalism and sheer determination to bring this dramatic rescue effort to a successful conclusion.

“As the National lead for Response Policing, I know it will be abundantly clear to everyone associated with policing that response officers are saving lives and protecting communities across the country each and every day. The work that our officers do is often unseen and riddled with complexity and unpredictability. For this reason alone, it is good to remind ourselves of the work that takes place in this key role that sits at the heart of the policing.”

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