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Wiltshire runs ‘Law and Larder’ scheme for struggling officers

Wiltshire Federation are launching their own food parcel scheme to help officers and their families impacted by the cost of living.

Wiltshire Police Federation will now be able to provide non-perishable food and toiletries to Wiltshire officers and their families.

It comes as the Federation for England and Wales issues repeated warnings on the impact of the cost of living crisis on struggling officers.

Police Oracle understands that to receive a package an officer or staff member would need to fill out an online form with details including the number of people in their household and whether there are any vulnerable dependents.

It also asks officers whether there was an emergency that prompted their request to the scheme.

Wiltshire Police Federation Secretary and Treasurer Sarah Ennis told Police Oracle that they expect to help individuals out until they are back on their feet – providing them with a stress free solution for a month or two. The scheme will be run by volunteers.

Individuals would also be signposted to financial help services such as Police Mutual, 3nines financial planning and PoliceCU.

She added that she was in contact with other federations who are also looking at how they can support officers through this time.

The National Federation’s ‘pay and morale’ campaign is on-going with the aims of resetting police-Government relations and fighting for a “fairer pay system”.

Wiltshire Police Federation Chair Phil Matthews said "The Law and Larder scheme was put together by Federation Secretary Sarah Ennis and workplace rep, Penny Andrews. 

"In its current format this is a food parcel that will be sent out to officers on request. 

"This scheme is designed to assist officers that are in need. The Federation is very aware of how officers are struggling financially and we want to help where we can. That last week of each month when officers are debating whether to buy food or fuel is a real issue. 

"I speak with officers regularly about this and with increasing fuel bills heading into the colder months, this won’t be getting any easier. I would encourage both police officers of any rank, and any civilian colleagues in any department to use this scheme if they need to. We are not just here for those involved in conduct, we are here to assist our members in any way we can."

The scheme may progress to having a larder in stations that officers can use as they need.

Public service union Unison has also agreed to assist.

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