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Former Specials ‘colluded’ with each other after failing to deal with assault

SC and Special Inspector will be placed on the barred list

An SC and a Special Inspector have been formally dismissed and placed on the barred list after a misconduct hearing found they have failed to deal with a serious assault allegation and then colluded with each other afterwards.

Both officers  - SC Sonny Webb and Special Inspector Tyrone Duncan – had resigned before the hearing at Wiltshire Police HQ.

An independent Legally Qualified Chair (LQC) fond that on 22 August 2020 both officers:

• failed to act diligently and appropriately in dealing with a man who had been assaulted and injured, and with the suspects of the serious assault, resulting in a delay to the police investigation that impaired it.
• failed to properly assist in the police investigation into the incident; and
• improperly colluded with each other to “get our story straight” about the incident.

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills said: “The public rightly expect the highest level of diligence and professionalism from police officers – particularly when they are entrusting us to robustly investigate allegations of a crime.

“The actions of both Webb and Duncan at the scene of a serious assault back in August go against the values at the core of our organisation – to protect people from harm and to investigate crime.

“There is no place in Wiltshire Police for anyone who conducts themselves in this way. Had both individuals not resigned, they would have been dismissed today. They will also now be placed on the national barred list which will ensure they will not be able to work in policing in the future.”

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