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Laws will recognise children born as result of rape as victims

Children born as a result of rape will be officially recognised as victims of crime and receive better support under changes announced by the Government today.

Amendments to the upcoming Victims Bill will mean that children born as a result of rape will legally be considered as victims.

England and Wales will be among the first countries in the world to introduce such legislation.

The change will clarify that such children are entitled to support from criminal justice agencies such as the police and courts.

Currently, due to a lack of specific reference to those born as a result of rape within the Victim’s Code, it can be difficult for them to claim not only support, but other entitlements such as being provided with information on their case.

It is estimated that thousands of children are conceived from rape each year.

The amendments will apply to children born as a result of rape whatever age they are and will cover all sexual offences which can result in a pregnancy – for example position of trust offences.

At the moment, where people born as a result of rape have suffered harm – they are already eligible to claim Victim’s Code entitlements. However, the lack of a specific reference means that in practice some are not always recognised as victims.

Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab MP said: “No child born in these horrific circumstances should be left to suffer alone, which is why we must ensure they can access vital support whenever they may need it.  

“Our Victims Bill will amplify their voices and boost support for all victims at every stage of the justice system.“ 

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