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College, IOPC and Met staff on strike

The Prospect trade union are striking today as well as the PCS union.

Staff members from the College, IOPC and the Met are undertaking strike action today.

Up to 150,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services union and Prospect have walked out in what was said to be the biggest civil service strike. It also coincides with strikes across education, transport and health.

The civil service disputes are over pay, jobs, pensions, conditions and cuts, with warnings of more strikes if they are not resolved.

Police Oracle understands that all members of College staff are eligible to become members of Prospect. 

Meanwhile, the Met has issued a statement saying strike action will include staff in areas such as crime scene examiners and other forensic specialists.

The force added: “The Met has put several measures in place to mitigate the reduction in staff in that we will prioritise our response and support in attending the most serious crime scenes, and undertake urgent and critical laboratory, and digital forensic examinations, making best use of staff on duty to cover as many scenes and requests as quickly as we can.

“Where a non-urgent response is required we will be speaking with the public to ask for their patience, and to preserve some items and surfaces until we can attend the day after strike action.”

Prospect has said that strike action will take place today, and action short of a strike (working to contracted hours and overtime bans) will begin from tomorrow. 

It comes as Lord Hogan-Howe said last week that certain police staff members should be included in the Strikes Bill - meaning they would have to provide minimum service levels. 

The Met was not able to confirm how many staff members today’s strikes have affected - members do not need to tell an employer if they plan to strike. 

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