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TVP exploring move to five-area command model

The force is also considering continuing with the existing 11 Local Policing Area (LPA) model as part of a review CC Jason Hogg says is about ensuring TVP is 'structured for the future'.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) is asking for feedback on a potential move to a five-area command model mooted as part of proposals designed to strengthen neighbourhood policing, protect vulnerable people, respond to demand and protect the workforce.

For the first time since 2010, TVP is reviewing the structure of its local policing areas in an exercise Chief Constable Jason Hogg says is about "addressing changes in policing and in society so that our force is structured for the future".

The public have been asked for their views on two proposals: the existing 11 LPA model, or a five-area model in Oxfordshire, Berkshire West, Berkshire East, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

A proposals document published by the force states that, although some plans work across both models, the benefits are more easily found in the five-area command model.

CC Hogg said: "Any changes in structure will allow further investment into frontline services including domestic abuse, serious crime investigation and neighbourhood policing."

In terms of the four aims outlined above, both proposed models aim to strengthen community policing by maintaining the same number of neighbourhood teams with increased officer numbers of officers, and by bringing in an additional 80 neighbourhood officers funded by the PCC.

Moreover, both plan to maintain the current number of PCSOs in post alongside trialling a new PCSO Supervisor role.

However, moving to a five-area model would give the force greater flexibility to move resource as required, and would allow for the deployment of 20 officers to work in schools alongside ten dedicated to mental health.

With respect to the other aims, both proposed models aim to create a new Harm Reduction Unit to undertake tasks such as the monitoring and enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders to help protect vulnerable people, while sergeant posts could return to frontline response under the five-area model.

The plans are currently out for public consultation. 

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