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£1.3m funding for Leicestershire following last year’s disorder

The Home Office accepted the Leicestershire PCC’s application for Special Grant Funding.

A special grant totalling £1.275m has been allocated to Leicestershire Police following last year’s unrest and violent disorder.

The grant is available for forces to recoup the costs of policing unexpected and exceptional events within their areas. It can cover costs such as overtime, mutual aid and rest day working.

Last Autumn, East Leicester saw a period of widespread disorder involving mostly young men from Hindu and Muslim communities.

A faith leader, Suleman Nagdi (Federation of Muslim Organisations) previously said it was sparked by a “country-based dispute” .

Mutual aid was provided from a number of forces – extra officers from West Midlands, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and horses from Thames Valley.

Meanwhile – the resulting investigation has seen officers reviewing thousands of hour of CCTV footage and body worn video.

PCC Rupert Matthews has said the investigation has already resulted in “numerous arrests”.

He said: "I am delighted the Home Office has accepted my application for Special Grant Funding. This grant will ensure the force recoups up to 85 per cent of the costs spent last year on policing this operation which can now be reinvested into frontline policing priorities.

"This operation was one of the largest and most complex in the force's history, requiring significant expertise to manage. It was ultimately through exceptional leadership and the professionalism and courage of officers that peace was swiftly restored to East Leicester and communities could live their lives once again in peace and without fear.”

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