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NBPA Chair 'moves away' from race action plans as DCC lead retires

PSNI Chief Inspector Andy George told Police Oracle that while the NBPA will continue to support the Race Action Plan – he believes that we now need to remodel how this is tackled.

There is an issue with moving forward properly with the national Race Action Plan, the Chair of the National Black Policing Association has said.

“Race is one of the issues policing doesn’t want to openly admit,” Chief Inspector Andy George told Police Oracle.

“It’s one of the reasons I’m moving away from action plans and towards fundamental reform.

“The NBPA will still support the plan, I believe in collaboration and sharing the lived experience of members […] but systems don’t change by themselves.”

He added that while VAWG has "rightly" received conferences and a lot of attention - the same isn't true of the NPCC's Race Action Plan.

His comments came as it emerged that Programme Director for Race Action Plan DCC Tyron Joyce, has now retired amid bullying allegations.

The West Yorkshire officer had previously been the highest ranking black officer in UK policing. The NPCC were informed of his decision to retire on May 2. 

The IOPC had received a mandatory conduct referral from West Yorkshire in April “relating to allegations of bullying and discrimination by a senior officer.”

An IOPC spokesperson said: ““After careful consideration of the available information, we determined the matter should be subject to a local investigation.

“We have also advised the force that any additional conduct matters identified during the investigation should be referred to the IOPC for further consideration.”

The NPCC has said that the Race Action Plan programme will continue as normal while a recruitment process, in conjunction with the College of Policing, takes place.

CC Gavin Stephens remains the Senior Responsible Officer for the strand of work.

It means the plan will be recruiting its third programme director (CC Amanda Pearson had been the first) in the three years since it was launched following the killing of George Floyd by US officers. 

The NPCC site states that a second iteration of the plan is due to be published this Spring.

Police Oracle understands however that there has been push back from both the NBPA and the Independent Scutiny and Oversight Board (ISOB) upon seeing the second iteration.

Ch Insp George explained: “We weren’t satisfied actions had moved far enough.

“There is no point rushing this – we could send something out now but it wouldn’t be of benefit for the project

“We want the right plan rather than the plan right now.”

He told Police Oracle he is not aware of any updated timeframe and is now calling for someone external to policing, albeit with knowledge of policing, to head up the plan.

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