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Performance and Disciplinary Bill put forward by Mayor of London and MP

The Bill has received support from Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs.

Sadiq Khan, along with London MP Harriet Harman, have drafted a Bill for police performance and disciplinary that they hope will be introduced in Parliament.

Reforms laid out within the Police Reform (Performance and Disciplinary) Bill include automatically dismissing an officer who is convicted of a serious criminal offence, automatically suspending an officer who is charged with a serious criminal offence, and strengthening the pension forfeiture rules so that offences will not need to have been committed “in connection” to service.

The Bill further proposes that a two-stage performance process replaces the current three stage and three appeals.

Meanwhile officers would also be subject to a duty to handover personal mobile phones and a ‘Duty of Candour’ is also set out - requiring officers to report any conduct by themselves or another which might constitute misconduct, and any circumstances relating to themselves or another officer which might reasonably be regarded as affecting the officer’s aptitude or sustainability to perform their duties.

The Standards of Professional Behaviour and the Code of Ethics already contain a section on 'Challenging and reporting improper conduct'. 

Sadiq Khan and Harriet Harman have written to the Home Secretary following on from a previous letter penned by the Mayor.

The pair outlined: “We have heard warm words from this Government but are yet to see meaningful action on reform.

“We remain deeply concerned about the slow pace of reforms to the national regulations. Vital changes to the legislative framework are needed to empower police chiefs and give them the tools they need to take fair and effective action to remove anyone falling short of the high standards the public rightly expect.”

Legal advice from a King’s Counsel was consulted on the Bill. 

The letter continued: “Harriet and I have done the hard work for you and are offering a package of legislative reforms which are ready to be introduced to Parliament.”

WMP Fed Discipline Lead, Dave Hadley, has criticised several points within the Bill.

On automatic suspensions, he tweeted: "Automatic suspensions too are another poorly thought out proposal. Tactical complaints by organised criminality has been previously discussed by the Met Commissioner.

"I can see no reasonable argument to move away from consideration of suspensions on a case-by-case basis and do the public really want hundreds of officers across E&W being paid to do nothing, when a restricted role in appropriate circumstances could at least provide some value for the tax payer, and help prevent the trauma of lengthy suspensions?" 

Chair of the West Midlands Police Federation, Rich Cooke, has also responded on Twitter: "IF police are to be subject to arbitrary decisions & rules by a Chief ending their careers and livelihoods, surely it’s only fair we have the right to claim unfair dismissal for one?

"Chief Officers ALREADY have the powers they need. They have repeatedly failed to use them!"

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