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Sadiq Khan to chair scrutiny board for Met reform

The London Policing Board will be chaired by the Mayor and work to oversee and scrutinise the reform of the force.

A scrutiny board, introduced and chaired by the Mayor of London, will be established to oversee the reform of the Met.

It follows a recommendation made within Baroness Louise Casey’s review in a bid to increase transparency and accountability of the force. 

The London Policing Board will mirror an approach used by Transport for London – with meetings held in public and membership of the board representing a range of skills and lived experience.

Members of the board will be asked to provide advice to Sadiq Khan around holding the Met to account.

The Mayor is currently looking for “prospective candidates” from a range of communities and with a range of expertise and lived experience to sit on the board.

He said: “I have already put the Met on a path of far-reaching systemic and cultural reform, with the appointment of a new commissioner and leadership team who acknowledge the scale of the problems and are committed to change.

“In line with Baroness Casey’s recommendations, I am now setting up a London Policing Board to publicly oversee and scrutinise these reforms to help the Met deliver a safer and fairer London for everyone.

“This is an opportunity to make a real and positive difference to how Londoners are policed. I am confident that together, we can make the changes needed and that we can support the Met to become a service that has the trust and confidence of all Londoners.”

Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said: “As commissioner it is my responsibility to deliver the reform and changes to policing that both Londoners and officers expect and deserve.

“I know the mayor is committed to supporting me and the Met in that work. I welcome the establishment of the London Policing Board and the scrutiny it will provide.

“I am sure we will benefit from the valuable insight of a board which is intended to be reflective of diverse voices and experience from across the city."

The force has a number of similar initiatives - including Stop & Search scrutiny panels and Police Encounter Panels (where the public can give feedback on policing encounters recorded on Body Worn Video). 

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