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First co-ordinated violence prevention strategy for Scotland

£2m investment has been allocated by the Scottish government for the framework this year.

A new Violence Prevention Framework has been launched in Scotland marking the first co-ordinated strategy to tackle the issue.

The framework includes actions for partners such as the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, Medics against Violence and YouthLink Scotland.

The report outlines that over the past decade, Scotland has seen a reduction in homicide rates, hospital admissions for assault and knife crime. Meanwhile, however, other forms of violence have increased – including sexual crimes which have been on an upward trend since 1974 with reports to the police increasing by 96% over the past 10 years.

Between 2008-09, there has been a 39% reduction in the volume of non-sexual violent crime while those worried about being physically attacked or assaulted in public has also dropped from 31% to 16%.

14 actions are included within the plan, among which are for the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit to deliver a pilot based on Suicide Prevention principles of Time, Space and Compassion as well as an extension of hospital- based ‘Navigator-style’ interventions, run by Medics against Violence, which support those with multiple complex issues.

A measurement framework will also be developed to monitor progress.

Will Linden, deputy director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, said: “The legacy of the pandemic and the continuing effects of the cost-of-living crisis have created enormous pressure for some of our most vulnerable communities. We must listen to those affected, address the causes of violence, and follow the evidence to provide innovative solutions.

“No one agency can do this on their own, so the national Violence Prevention Framework is an important opportunity for us to pull together and create a safe and resilient Scotland where we can all thrive.”

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