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G4S Announce Police Redundancies

More than 10 per cent of the Lincolnshire Police civilian staff who went over to G4S look set to lose their jobs

Around 60 people whose jobs were transferred from Lincolnshire Police to security company G4S under their private partnership are set to be made redundant.

The security firm announced the job cuts just two months after the private partnership launched. The move ovesaw the force outsource its organisational support to G4S.

The job losses were announced the same day Lincolnshire Police Authority Chairman Barry Young addressed the Modernising Justice Conference in London, praising the savings and efficiency of the private partnership and calling on other forces to go in a similar direction.

Around 580 civilian staff had their employment transferred from the force to G4S when the partnership launched and 60 of those jobs are due to be cut after a consultation with those affected.

The force said those at risk of losing their jobs were “loyal, valued and, in many cases, long serving members of the force family”.

In a statement, G4S said redundancies were always planned as part of the partnership’s drive to save money.

It said: “As part of our strategic partnership with Lincolnshire Police Authority to deliver its business transformation project, we have been asked by them to find efficiency savings.

“In the first two months of delivery we have already delivered savings of around 14 per cent on running costs however, a modest number of redundancies from the 580 staff who transferred over to G4S was always planned as part of the restructuring process.”

G4S has started a consultation with union representatives and the staff affected, who are all in support roles. This is due to end in July.

The statement continued: “Approximately 60 roles are at risk, however new roles are being created within our business which should mitigate the total number of roles affected. We also intend to help any affected employees to explore alternative roles within G4S.

“G4S is committed to helping Lincolnshire Police to deliver the efficiency savings they need so that resources can be concentrated on supporting front line roles.”

G4S also said Lincolnshire Police had just appointed 23 officers who will be joining the force for initial training this month.

PoliceOracle.com asked a Lincolnshire Police spokeswoman whether the money for the new recruits was thanks to the savings under the partnership scheme. She said: “Any savings are bound to have a positive reflection on the front-line which was the main focus when entering into a partnership with G4S.”

Deputy Chief Constable Alec Wood said: “It is always deeply regrettable when people face uncertainty and the possible loss of their jobs, particularly in the current economic climate.

“The former Lincolnshire Police staff now employed by G4S are loyal, valued and in many cases long serving members of the force family and we will always be interested in their welfare and well being.

“Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that had we not entered into our partnership with G4S the cuts would most likely have been even deeper given the reduction in our funding and the savings we must make.

“It is to be hoped that many of those at risk will be redeployed within the wider G4S organisation, an option that did not exist when they were employed by Lincolnshire Police.”

Speaking at the conference, Mr Young said savings from the partnership including cutting out “duplication or triplication” of support staff work across the force.

He praised the “Street to Suite” scheme where those arrested are handed over to G4S custodians, saying it freed officer time that otherwise would be spent travelling to and from custody suites and booking suspects in.

He said: “We’ve had a lot of interest in joining our contract including from Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. They know pursuing this is the route they should go down. I hope you will see this is something that’s really for everyone in the service.”

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