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The Olympics: Your Stories Required

As the Police Service prepares for its finest hour, PoliceOracle.com wants to hear from the finest

After some seven years of intense preparation and meticulous planning, the final countdown to the 2012 London Olympic Games is well and truly underway – and the largest security operation in the UK’s peacetime history is upon us.

From the outset AC Chris Allison, the National Olympic Security Co-ordinator, had described the event as “an unstoppable juggernaut” unlike anything else ever seen.

It has been his responsibility to oversee the arrangements that will allow the successful policing of the games – ensuring mutual aid can be delivered, that relevant specialists are in place and that officers will still be on hand to ensure communities are kept secure. He, and his team, have been meticulous.

But it is now the officers at the sharp end who will find themselves in the world spotlight – and to record this historic event we want to hear your stories, serious and amusing.

Whether you are in the Olympic village, involved in a specialist role or simply on duty in your own community, we want to hear what you have to say. Whatever your rank – and whether you are a regular, special or PCSO – we would like to hear from you.

This event is unique. As well as being a moment in history for the country as a whole, policing the 2012 Olympics is taking place against a unique set of circumstances, not least huge cuts in force budgets and far-reaching changes to the service when the Games are over.

Yet officers have continued quietly doing their jobs as the countdown has ticked away the seconds, minutes and hours in spite of the uncertainty they face in the months ahead.

Only 12 months ago they showed consummate professionalism and unfaltering courage in dealing with the worst disorder the UK has seen for a generation.

Most recently, when private security firm G4S said it was unable to provide 3,400 staff it had promised for the games, the Police Service stepped into the breach.

The “fantastic can-do attitude” of the service expressed by HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Denis O’Connor has been seen in spades in recent weeks. Officers should be proud of what they have already achieved and their crucial role going forward.

Most will acknowledge that the UK already has the finest Police Service in the world. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that its finest hour is well documented.

We take this opportunity to wish officers and staff involved in the Olympics all the very best for the weeks ahead – Cliff Caswell, Editor, and the team at PoliceOracle.com.

Send us your experiences at by email to cliffc@policeoracle.com or contact us on 01737 648432.

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