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Olympics: Bonus Paid To Inspectors

Force decides to give inspectors a daily bonus for Olympics overtime

Inspectors from West Yorkshire Police working long hours on the Olympic mutual aid security operation will be paid a daily bonus of £75.

Andy Tempest-Mitchell, chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said that like constables and sergeants, the inspecting ranks policing the Games had been working excessive hours and they deserved to be compensated.

Unlike their constable and sergeant colleagues, inspectors do not receive overtime payments but Police Regulations allow forces to provide discretionary bonuses.

Mr Tempest-Mitchell said: “There have been many words spoken about the Olympic deployments.

"Most of the talk has been about the hours and many people have been hoping to earn some extra cash from the available overtime - who can blame them at these difficult times.

"‘But little has been said about the team leaders. The inspectors who have volunteered have been exposed - as we predicted - to excessive working hours. One inspector worked with his team on a full 21-hour tour of duty."

Some 750 officers from the force have been providing mutual aid for the Games in and around the south of England.

They include firearms officers, Counter Terrorism specialists and Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) trained officers as well as hundreds of Level II PSU qualified personnel.

Mr Tempest-Mitchell added: "Our stance has always been consistent. The inspector should be paid a daily bonus for their attendance in London.

"The facility exists within Police Regulations for the payment of such a bonus and this would be a reasonable compensation for the extended hours they might be required to work and for giving up their time from home.

"We are delighted to say our reluctance to let the matter be ignored has paid off. This week it has been agreed with John Robins, an assistant chief constable, that each inspector will be paid a daily bonus of £75.

"We want to thank Mr Robins for his patient approach towards us and his reasoned thinking to our request."

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